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The Professional Drone Association Gives You All The Resources You Need To Run Your Drone Business:
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Great resource for this growing industry and those who want to be on the ground floor.
— Fidel Gonzales
This is a great way to start a business. I’m only an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a drone service and I can tell you that The Professional Drone Association is definitely the way to go. They are like family.
— Bob Pitts
A great group with priceless information!
— Jeremy Rivera
Great resource! Very helpful! I highly recommend for aerial needs.
— John Fuller
Thank you so much for this presentation. I brought my son so he could see learn about options his drone hobby and interest could lead to. Little did I realize it would be eye opening for me too. Very inspirational presentation in many ways. And my son says a big THANK YOU for the drone carrying case you gave away.
Thanks again!!
— Shane Butler
Great group of guys! I just started and am already loving it!
— Brandon Fickett
I have only been a member a short while, but already have learned a lot about the drone business from the resources offered and input from other members like myself.
— Birdseye View Drone Service
I would recommend Professional Drone Association (PDA) to anyone who flies as a drones. Even if you are a hobbyist who has thought of getting into commercial area. There a many resources and people to network with always willing to help. Other such groups and information could cost you upwards of $1000.
— Matthew Golabiewski
We get asked everyday, "WHAT WILL I LEARN IN THE PROFESSIONAL DRONE ASSOCIATION?", so we made a small list of some of the things you are going to learn within the association. Please keep in mind you are going to learn a lot more than whats listed below.
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